Certain actions are limited in Trimble Connect based on the user role. The two user roles inside a Trimble Connect Project are User and Project Administrator.

Project Users

  • Depending on project settings, users can invite others to collaborate in projects.

  • A user has access to all folders and files of the project unless the access is restricted by the administrator.

  • Users will have be able to perform some management operations for the data that they create within the project, like deleting Views, ToDos, Revoking access to data they shared with a specific user—but they will not be able to restore deleted file or folder content (even if they were the one who performed the delete operation).

  • Users will have limited access to data created by other users unless it has been explicitly shared with or assigned to them

Project Administrators

  • An administrator can invite anyone to the project and provide administrator access to the project. An administrator can create/edit/delete user groups.

  • An administrator can also assign a user group to a user while inviting them.

  • An administrator can set folder permissions for any user, however folder permissions do not apply to administrators because they have full access.

  • An administrator can remove any user and edit user roles.

  • Project admins can also perform other operations like setting up notifications, defining Property Set Libraries, including having full access to all the data created by project users.

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