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View a Release's Previous Activity

When you're collaborating with multiple people on project, it can be difficult to pinpoint who made certain changes and when. You can access the Release's previously tracked activity to keep track of changes and be able to determine when and by whom a change was made.

To access the activity panel

  1. Open your project Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. On the Releases page, select the Release you want to see the activity for.

  3. Open the overflow menu in the detail panel.

  4. Click on the See activity button.

  5. The Activity panel will be displayed over the detail panel.

  6. To close the activity panel click the back arrow in the panel header.

Tracked Activities

Below you will find the list of information that is tracked and shown in a Release's activity panel.

  • Release Created

  • Release files added

  • Release files removed

  • Release Sent

  • Release Renamed

  • Release update due date

  • Release edit notes

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