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Why does importing certain Topics in my BCF file fail?

Below is a checklist to follow if importing certain Topics from a BCF file fails. 

Important: The BCF files contain only Topics data. Often the Topics refer to models via 3D views. The models need to be uploaded to the Trimble Connect project separately as the model files are not included in the BCF files.

Is Connect BCF Topics compatible with my favorite BIM application?

Trimble Connect BCF Topics offers buildingSMART BCF open industry standard compatible API and file import & export. A definition of an open industry standard is that applications that are compatible with the standard can exchange data between other applications and cloud services given that they both support the same standard version.

For more detailed information, please refer to the sections and links below

Can we automate the import/export of the BCF Topics on a schedule?

The buildingSMART BCF Topics open industry standard specifies 2 methods for exchanging (=importing & exporting) Topics, which are 1) .BCF files and 2) BCF-API ( The Trimble Connect BCF Topics implementation supports both of these methods. Typically file based way of exchanging Topics is a manual process, while developing a BCF-API integration offers rich ways for automating and "live-synchronizing" Topics between a client and a server.

With regards to the BCF-API it is essential to notice that the Trimble Connect BCF Topics is a BCF Server (not a client) that acts as a central repository enabling multiple client applications to exchange Topics. In the client-server interaction, the client initiates the communication (in this case the import/export) with the server, not the other way around. This means that scheduling and/or automating happens in the client application side. The client can start the import / export whenever it wants, while the server is available in the cloud. The picture from buildingSMART available from the following link illustrates nicely the client/server topology: . 

Can we customize the BCF Topics attributes to match our attributes exactly?

The allowed BCF Topics attribute values (Type, Status, Priority) can be configured in the Trimble Connect project settings:

A Topic in Trimble Connect must always be assigned to Trimble Connect project member(s) or user group(s). The assignee can be configured during the import using the Assignee field as described in this section of the user guide:

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