Working with Microsoft Office Files

Open in Microsoft Office 365

Trimble Connect for Browser now enables opening Microsoft documents in Office 365 applications! If you have a Office 365 Business license, you will be able to edit documents and save changes directly to Trimble Connect!

After activation of “Edit” mode, Office file content can be changed without downloading the file to your local machine or needing to re-upload after completing your edits.

To open in Microsoft Office 365

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. Go to the Explorer page.

  3. Select a Microsoft document —.docx (Word), .xlsx (Excel) or .pptx (PowerPoint) formats

  4. When you have selected a file, the detail panel will open on the right-side.

  5. Click the Open in Office for the web button to launch Microsoft Office 365 in another tab.

  6. Click Edit to enter Edit mode.

7. Changes made will be saved back to Trimble Connect automatically.

File Handling

Changes made to the file content are saved directly to Connect and result in a new version of the file, accessible through the file details in the right-side panel in Data Explorer.

Note: There is a delay of about a minute for the file version change to be visible.

Actions that save the content and create a new file version in Connect:

  • Closing the browser window (while in the Microsoft Office 365 Editor).

  • Refreshing the browser (while in the Microsoft Office 365 Editor).

  • Changing the mode from “Editing” to “Viewing”.

  • Timeout sessions (over 30 min of inactivity) after a user has made some changes to content

Supported Microsoft File Formats

View and Edit

  • .docx (Word)

  • .xlsx (Excel)

  • .pptx (PowerPoint)

View Only

  • .doc

  • .xls

  • .ppt

  • ..vsdx (Visio) files.