Extending the Browser Application


Similar to extensions in the Trimble Connect for Browser's 3D Viewer, it is now possible to add custom extensions to your project inside the Trimble Connect for Browser's application.

Extensions can be used in order to create custom content on top of the Connect project which can also utilize the Connect Platform APIs. Extensions can also be used in order to create a connection between the Trimble Connect Project and a 3rd party application or integration.

Please note that extensions installed in the Browser application and the 3D Viewer application are independent of each other.

Using Extensions

Trimble Connect Project Workspace API - is at the heart of the Trimble Connect Web extension framework to enable extension owners (or integrator applications) to expose additional capabilities and functionalities in the browser application within the Trimble Connect project context.

This framework allows the creation of new extensions to be added to a project and will display the menus in the side navigation. It also allows for additional configuration for the extensions if needed (through configCommand property).

Where the extensions will be displayed?

The extension application will be embedded inside Trimble Connect Web application and it will occupy the middle & right panel within the Project page and the extension menu will appear in the left panel along with other navigation.

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