Activity Listing

The Activity page in Trimble Connect for Browser is a summary of most events that happen within your project. It page shows the activity regarding file synchronization, downloads, user actions, messages, comments and Releases. Activities can be filtered using the filters at the top of the page.

View & Filter Activities

You can view all the Project’s activity by going to the Activity page. You can refine the list of Activities by using the filters located at the top of the page.

Filter Functions

Filter the activity by category (file, folder, user, views etc.) or by specific activity (listed above)

Filters the activities by users who performed the operation/activity. 

Filters the activities by user groups (or users in a group) who performed the operation/activity. 

Date modified
Filters the activities by date: Today, Yesterday, Past 7 days, Past 30 days, Custom date range

Export Activities to Excel

You can export all the activity of a project into an Excel Spreadsheet. 

To export activities

When the exported Excel file is ready to be downloaded, Trimble Connect sends you a download link in an email. 

The link is valid for 72 hours.

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