Restoring Deleted Files & Folders

Restore Deleted Files & Folders

Files and folders can be recovered using the Restore feature. Once the file/folder has been deleted, an activity will be shown for this action on the Activity page where there will be an option to restore the deleted content.

This functionality is only available for Project Administrators.

To restore deleted files & folders

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. Go to the Activity page.
    The delete activity will be listed on the page.

  3. You may need to filter the page by Activity Type › File › Files Deleted and/or Activity Type › Folder › Folders Deleted.

  4. Click the Restore button listed under the activity item.

  5. The button will change to Restore pending until the operation is complete.

Once the operation is complete, you will receive an email notification and the item will be shown as Restored.

Restoring Folder Permissions

If you are attempting to restore a deleted folder, you will be presented with a dialog to restore permissions to the folder. Please note that the files will always inherit parent folder permissions irrespective of the preference selected.

Restore options

Restore with permissions inherited from parent folder
This will change the restored folder permissions to match the folder permissions for the parent or root folder.

Restore with original permissions
This will restore the folder with the permissions that were previously applied before the folder was deleted.

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