Feature Overview

BCF stands for BIM Collaboration Format and it is an open industry standard from buildingSMART International. It is adopted by many software applications in the construction industry. Being an open standard, it enables sharing issues between applications that support the standard, creating connected workflows.

Trimble Connect BCF Topics are meant for communication between the project members. The communication topics can be for example issues, requests, questions, or clashes. Connect BCF Topics enables model based communication, which means that you can link your issue directly to a BIM model using 3D views and links to model objects. However, it’s not a must to have a BIM model to communicate with BCF Topics. You can just as well create a Topic and use the other data fields like the Description, Status, Priority, Assignees, Comments and Document References. Use Connect BCF Topics for example in Design, Procurement, Construction and  Operation phases of your project.

Trimble Connect BCF Topics is a cloud service to store, manage and handle BIM coordination issues. The BCF Topics service works as a BCF server which enables connected workflows between standard compatible BIM applications. 

Key features include:

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