Searching in Projects

Search Inside a Project

Searching within a project will allow you to narrow your search to just the active project you are in. 

To use project search

Accepted Search Parameters

Object name or title
Results will be shown for Partial or full matches

Object description
Typing keywords or phrases from a ToDo description will return results

File extensions
Searching for .PDF or .IFC for example will return results

By tags
Use the tag operator to research for tags: tag:tagName

File Attributes
Search for any of the attribute values

Filter Functions

Multi-selection of projects to search within is supported

Object type
Projects, Folders, Files, ToDos, Releases, Views, Clashes

Modified date
Today, Yesterday, Past 7 days, Past 30 days, Custom date range

Supported Operations

The following operations can be done for the search results.

Delete files2, folders, ToDos, views, Draft Releases from the project.

Download files
Download files to your local computer.

Share files
Share files to others.

View multiple files
View files in the 2D Viewer  or in the 3D Viewer.

Export to Excel
Export a list of files to Excel.

Add multiple files to a Release
Add files to a new or existing Release.

Add multiple files to a ToDo
Add files to a new or existing ToDo.

Checkin or checkout files or files inside a folder

Advanced Search

You can search for files based on the File Attributes values by clicking the Advanced Search text in the search header. 

You can search by 1 or all the File Attributes that were defined in the File Attributes template. 


  1. Dependent on users role or permissions in the project
  2. Files that are attached to ToDos or Releases cannot be deleted
  3. Dependent on users role or permissions in the project
  4. For Advanced search with file custom attributes, you will need a project with paid license