Coordinate Reference System


Some projects may require a coordinate reference system to be defined. This is an optional field that can be defined by a Project Administrator. 


Add a Published Coordinate Reference System

The published coordinate reference system dropdown is populated from the Trimble Geodetic Library.

The Trimble Geodetic Library (TGL) is a set of software libraries commonly used across Trimble to transform geodetic coordinates (latitude, longitude, height) into plane coordinates and elevation (north, east, elevation), as well as to perform time dependent datum transformations as and other geodetic computations.

To add a published coordinate reference system:

Upload a Calibration File

You can add a CRS to your project by uploading a calibration file. Supported file types for calibration files are .jxl, .dc and .cal.

When uploading a calibration file, the file contents are extracted and saved to the project. The actual uploaded file is not stored or saved in the project file directory.

To add a published coordinate reference system:

Remove a CRS

If your project does not need a CRS after one has been added you can choose to remove it.

To remove a coordinate reference system:

Coordinate Reference System Properties 

If you want to check the properties that your CRS file or selected system uses - you can view the properties by clicking View CRS Properties (listed below the local or published CRS name). 


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