Topics Export History

Export History

The Topic's export history can be accessed from the same dropdown menu as Import Topics.

See the export history page for a list of all export jobs and to download the exported files. Export history can be filtered by Status, Date exported and Exported by me options at the top of the listing to filter the list.

For each export, the detail panel shows:

Downloading Exported Topics

Exported files are kept available for download for 1 month (31 days) after the export job is completed. After the time period the download button is expired and the original export file is not available from the export history. After the download has expired, it is possible to re-run the export job with the same parameters by clicking the “Update and re-export” button. This exports a new file which will be available for download. Note that the re-export is done from the current project Topics data. For example, if a Topic was deleted from the project, its data won’t be available for the re-export. If the original export is required to be saved permanently, the exported file should be downloaded & archived.

To download:

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