Project Templates

Using Project Templates

Project templates are a great way to save yourself time and energy if you frequently need to create projects with the same or similar folder structures, permissions, users or groups.

By creating a template project first, you can then use that to create new projects and include the project settings, project members, project groups, and folder structure from an existing project.


Only a Project Administrator of the project being used as the template, can create new projects from that project.

Create a Project from a Template

Step 1: Create the Template

We recommend creating a shell (template) project to use for as the base for other projects, but you can also just any project that you are an admin for as a template for new projects.

  1. Create a new project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

Note: Be sure to select the correct project server location, since you cannot use the template for other server locations.

  1. Set up your template groups.

  2. Define the following settings:

  3. Create your template folder structure.

  4. Assign the appropriate folder permissions to your template groups.

  5. Invite the appropriate team members (if you frequently create projects with the same users).

Pro Tip: Learn how to import team members to existing groups. This will save you time once you have created your first project using this one as the template.

Step 2: Creating New Projects from the Template

  1. Start from the Projects page in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. Open your template project's overflow menu.

  3. Select Use as template for a new project.

  4. The New from existing project dialog box opens.

  5. Select the desired configuration (settings, members, groups and/or folder structure) for the new project.

  6. Click Next.
    The New Project dialog box will open.

  7. Enter the project name.

  8. Choose the project ownership and corresponding license for the project.

  9. Add other optional details (project image, project description, project start and end date).

  10. Click Submit.

Trimble Connect will send email notification once a new project has been created and ready in Trimble Connect. Depending on the sort order of your projects, your new project may appear at the end of the project listing page.

Template Options and Descriptions

Below are the options you can choose to copy to the new project