Topics Listing

About the Topics List Page

Use Topics to assign, track and resolve issues within a project. Topics can be assigned to a user or a group with a due date when the Topic needs to be resolved.

Topics are a helpful tool to assign, track and resolve issues with a model.  Authoring tools such as Tekla Structures and Revit can export BCFs for issue and task management which can then be imported to Trimble Connect as a Topic. The Topic can then be assigned and prioritized. 

Trimble Connect supports the BCF 3.0 format format.

You can view all the Topics in the project, that you have created or that has been assigned to you on the Topics page.

Sorting Topics

Use the Sort By option to sort the Topics listing based on selected criteria. 

The default sorting order is by Creation date.

To sort the Topic listing

The listing order will be updated.

Filtering Topics

Use the available filtering options to filter the Topics listing to show only the Topics with the selected Type, Priority, Status and Tag values. The Filter dropdowns show all available options that are configured for the project.

You can combine multiple filter options to see only the Topics you’re interested in. For example, the filter combination below shows “all new cast in place concrete (CIP) issues with high priority”:

Filter Functions

Filters Topics by available topic types. You can customize the available Topic Types in the Project Settings.

Filter by Topic priority. The default options are Critical, High, Normal, Low.

Filter by Topic status. The list of default options are New, In Progress, Waiting, Done and Closed.

Filters Topics by the tags added in your project. 

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