Notification Settings

Using Notifications

Use notifications to stay informed about your project and stay informed about activities that are meaningful to you.

Notifications can be managed by the Project Administrators, who can determine if other project members can modify their own email notification settings. 

Notifications to be sent on a daily basis and/or choose to have them sent in real time as the activity happens.

Notifications can be generated for all the tracked activities, such as files being uploaded, downloaded or updated.

Known Limitations

Setting Up Notifications

Trimble Connect projects have default notifications for:

*The Assignee(s) field of a Topic specifies which users receive the due date email notification. Due date email notification gets sent to all individually listed project members in the Assignee(s) field. If the Topic is assigned to a user group, then the due date email notification gets sent to all users who are members of the user group.

To change the project notification settings

Please note

Turning on Instant emails will send emails to all project members (including to the user who performed the action) whenever any of these activities are performed. 

It is not recommended to turn on Instant Notifications for an entire category (like Files) for all project members.

Notification Activity Preferences 











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