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Import History

The Topic's import history can be accessed from the same dropdown menu as Import Topics.

The import history lists all import jobs by the date of import. The filter options at the top enable filtering the listing by the import job status, date of import and “Imported by me”.

For each import, the listing shows:

To see full import details, click to select an import job in the listing.

The Import details panel shows

Import Log

The import log has important information about warnings and/or errors that occurred during the import job. View the import log by clicking the “View log” button in the import details panel in the import history.

For example, the warning may give important information that a related model file was not found from the project during the import, explaining why the Relink option is shown for the imported Topics (see the section Relinking Models to Topics).

Import Log Error Examples

Unknown Assignee

The example shows an import error message saying that the imported BCF file had unknown user in the “assigned to / assignee” data (see the section Import BCF Topics Dialog for tips on how to recover).

Mismatch in Imported Topic Values 

Another example shows an error message which is shown when imported Topic has Type, Status, Priority or Tag values that don’t match with the allowed values in the project settings  (see the section Import BCF Topics Dialog for tips on how to recover).

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