Adding & Removing Release Files

Add Files to a Release

All files stored in your Connect project can be added to a Release. If you have already created a Release and wish to add more files to it, you can add your selection to an existing Release.

To add files to a Release

  1. Open your project Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. Go to the Explorer page.

  3. Select the desired files.
    The detail panel will open on the right-side.

  4. Click the + More options button.

  5. The list will be expanded.

  6. Click Add to Release.

  7. The Release dialog box opens.

  8. Click the Add to Existing Release Tab.

  9. Select the desired Release.
    Note: You can select more than one Release to add the selected files to.

  10. Click Save if you are not ready to send the Release to the recipients yet.

If you are ready to send the release you can click Send Release.

Important Note: After a Release has been sent, it cannot be modified or deleted.

Remove Files from Selection

If you want to remove any of the files from your selection before adding to a Release, click the Selected Items button in the dialog, and click the X button for any unwanted files.

Understanding File Versions & Releases

When you add a file to a Release, you are adding that particular version of the file as it is, at that exact point in time - which includes the values for the file metadata. Even if you do not send the Release till a later point in time, and a new file version has been added or metadata values have been changed - the file that is in the open Release will not get updated.

Remove Files from a Release

While the Release is still in Draft mode, you can add and remove files as needed.

To remove files

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. Go to the Releases page.

  3. Click on the Release name you want to remove files from.
    You will be taken inside the Release.

  4. Select the desired files.

  5. Click the Remove button located in the Detail panel.