Other Ways to Add Data

Trimble Connect Sync

Trimble Connect Sync is an application that keeps your files synchronized with multiple projects on Trimble Connect. You can select individual folders, synchronize to and from Trimble Connect and choose which direction the files should synchronize.

With Trimble Connect Sync, you can transfer large amounts of data to and from the cloud. Download Trimble Connect Sync from the Trimble Connect App Store.

Max Upload Size (per file)

When using Trimble Connect Sync, the max file size upload varies by license.

Trimble Connect for Revit

The Revit Add-In is used within the native Revit program. The Revit Add-In allows for the uploading of .RVT files directly from the Revit program to the Trimble Connect platform.

Download the Trimble Connect for Revit Add-In from the Trimble Connect App Store.

Create a New SketchUp Model

To create a SketchUp model

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. On the Explorer page, click the Add button.
    Alternatively, go to the my.SketchUp.com page.

  3. Select Create 3D Model.

  4. A new window opens where you can create a SketchUp 3D model. You do not need to install the tools on your local computer.

Create a New Map Workspace

Trimble TerraFlex™ software provides a GIS data capture workflow to capture new data or update an existing GIS database. Using Trimble Connect Maps this workflow integrates seamlessly with SiteVision for accurate visualization of the captured data.

When capturing new data in TerraFlex™, you can define a template in Trimble Connect Maps to collect all the required attribute information. These attributes can in turn be used to drive SiteVision visualization rules.

To create a Map Workspace

  1. Open your project in Trimble Connect for Browser.

  2. On the Explorer page, click the Add button.

  3. Select Map Workspace.

  4. The Map workspace details dialog box opens in a new window.

  5. Type in a name and a description for the new map workspace.

  6. Click Save.

Import From Other Applications

You can upload files to Trimble Connect directly from SketchUp, Tekla and more: